Canadian Watercolor Artist Gabriel Krekk
Canadian Watercolor Artist, Gabriel Krekk

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The Science of

Take the time to learn about your watercolor understand the science
behind the creation of this beautiful water medium.
Winsor and Newton has
created a wonderful website
of learning for Artists and
we have linked to their
so you can grow and become
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A Watercolor Painting Lesson by Gabriel Krekk

Canadian Watercolor Artist Gabriel Krekk

Follow the progress of an
actual painting from start to
finish and the comprehensive
How to paint in watercolor
....a watercolor original entitled "Paris on the 25th"
A commissioned piece
This professional instruction
was designed for beginners
right through to masters
as Krekk's instructional
lessons reveal his style
and secrets to paint in Contemporary Realism.



Canadian Watercolor Artist Gabriel Krekk

Welcome to my World through the Watercolors of
Canadian Artist, Gabriel Krekk,
and into the art of Contemporary Realism.

My world as a Canadian Watercolor Artist is created somewhere between the lens of my camera and the final brush stroke of my signature on Watercolor paper.  The study of life in its purest form is the essence of what I am trying to capture both with my camera and through my watercolor  paintings.   To move my work deeper into the realms of photorealism watercolors through mastery, experimentation and taking risks is the source of what I am trying to give back to the world through my Watercolor paintings.   My Art has evolved through every medium and for over the past twenty years I have been exclusively obsessed in the beauty of Watercolors.  It has taught me great patience… to see beyond the ordinary and to feel the greatness and beauty in all things.

The human form continues to be a focus for my subject material.  The combination of portraiture and the effect of light at play on the flesh has grown to be my passion in both photography and in my watercolor paintings.

I travel extensively throughout the United States, both for exhibitions and to seek out new subject material for my watercolor paintings.  The American west and its history has sparked a new life into my art and through this attraction, there has been a deliberate shift to moving my focus into capturing the old west in an unbiased representation of the way it really was on my new generation of Watercolors.

I trust you will enjoy your time on this website. It is my intention to provide visitors with interesting and extensive resourcing for both art collectors and for other artists in the world of watercolors as well as a forum for my own watercolor paintings.

As you visit the Cybergallery of my originals watercolors, you will also have the opportunity to step into my art and my mind as I share in my thoughts through my writings for each painting. Join with me in a story..a experience..and I will share with you the inspiration of my paintings…and then the rest of the story is totally up to you.