Chapter One

The Escape from Hungary

Chapter Two
The Refugee Camps
of Austria

Chapter Three
Canada -
A New Beginning

Chapter 4
New Brunswick – The Farming Life Once Again



"All things that have passed in life since my birth, have contributed to who
I am and have shaped the very Artist that I have become."
~ Gabriel Krekk

This is my life story… “ For Freedom”


Welcome to my Biography page.  The events in my life have been anything but normal from my birth to my adulthood.  In laying out how I would present my biography to you, I felt compelled to break it into periods of time and by developing a Reader’s Digest version and using a Chapter format for the ease of reading and understanding.  It is my intention to be as brief and accurate as possible. To offer you the true story of my life, free of embellishment or sensationalism.  There will be thousands of dramatic details that have been left out of this biography to meet my intention, but these events have not been lost to history as I will continue to add these events to my own book of life. 
I love to write, but I am not a writer and I have undertaken to capture this biography as though a third person were the author.  By eliminating the I’s and the Me’s made it so much easier for me to write.

I am so blessed to have both my parents and my two sisters still alive and in the writing of this biography, it has given my whole family an opportunity to reflect upon how much we are connected by a love that will be forever.  This exercise has also provided me good reason to shift away from my busy life schedule and to spend quality time with my Mother and Father in their latter years, listening to them recount the events of the early years of my life and writing down their story.  Every word that they share with me leaves me in awe of their struggle for freedom and has given me a new insight as to who I am.

 I have used the word dysfunctional many times in my life to describe the dynamics of my family, and now I know how wrong I have been in this judgement.  Each member of my family, stands as an individual, with their own dreams, goals and unique spiritual convictions. Each one of us contributes to the energy that connects us together as a family.  A greater purpose and through the love for God.

I dedicate this biography to my parents, Lajos and Violetta, who overcame all hardships and the challenges of constant and significant life changes in their pursuit for freedom.

"If you ever start feeling like you have the goofiest, craziest, most dysfunctional family in the world, all you have to do is go to the state fair. Because five minutes
at the fair, you'll be going, 'you know, we're alright. We are dang near royalty.'

~Jeff Foxworthy


Note from Gabe:  This biography is still under construction and chapters will
continue to be uploaded as soon as they have been completed. 
Thank you for your patience until this has been all done.



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