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I have had the pleasure of knowing Gabriel for several years. I first got to know him after he shot American Cowgirl #2 with my sister Shell Abbott. He quickly became part of the “Abbott clan” which intrigued me and made me wonder who this man was. I have followed his journey through American Cowgirls and have been beyond impressed by the skill and passion he possesses and shares with all who come into his life. I have never known such an open and sincere man as him. All he asks that his “models“ allow him into their lives and in return he allows them into his. He captures the real essence of the person in front of the camera, he tries to show who they are in just a few clicks of his camera and somehow, he accomplishes it every time. When we went out to shoot that day it didn’t feel like a photo shoot, it was an adventure. We went out to some of my favorite places, told stories, laughed and even spoke about our losses and passions. The pictures he took will always be a treasure to me but the time we shared is far more valuable.
Ambri Abbott Mesa, Arizona
I had the honor of having Gabe Krekk lead a photo shoot for me. He came to Southern California to do the shoot where I currently live, he was able to turn any area we found into a great spot. He is amazingly creative.  Gabe is also enjoyable to work with in his laid back yet adventurous nature.  Gabe has an eye for how to use the natural beauty of whatever is around and he also has creative ways to work with his subjects that creates ease and a comfortable working relationship.  He does the daring thing - which creates stunning photos. He has an artist’s eye. Then he surprised me again in the speed in which he turned the photos around and got them back to me.  He took 1000’s of photos and we ended up with dozens of fabulous photos that I still use.  Gabe is an absolute professional. He loves his work and it shows and because he loves it, it is a joy to have worked with him.
Lorin Beller Business & Life Strategist Cardiff, California
Carol White Carol White’s Personal Fitness Studio Rapid City, South Dakota
Gabriel is incredibly good at putting you at ease and getting a person to reflect genuine smiles. Gabe is a true professional and superbly talented. He makes a photoshoot fun, which allows for you to shine and feel extremely comfortable. I truly have nothing but the highest praise and aprreciation for this gentleman as a person, friend, and photographer. His love for his photography is infectious. I could not recommend Gabe highly enough as a photographer. His photos are great quality and truly showcase his experience. He even travelled to Rapid City to do the shoots while he was in South Dakota. I used one of the images for billboard advertising here in Rapid City.
I always had a dream to have my two daughters wear my wedding dress in a photo session. I shared this dream with Gabriel, who had completed a family photo shoot with me and my husband and three children. His photography is just awesome and he presented us with a photo album from that photoshoot along with a video. We were blown away and still get caught up emotionally every time we watch it or look through the book. Gabe sought out three separate locations to take the pictures and he captured the magic of my dream with some of the most incredible pictures that I could ever imagine. His creativity and ability to see outside the ordinary truly is magical. The highest recommendation from us.
Shelbie Perrin Yakima, Washington
I completed my Apprenticing as a watercolor artist with Gabriel Krekk. As an aspiring photographer, I was also blessed to be able to see this man in action as I was able to be with him on several of his photoshoots. Gabriel Krekk in a nutshell is phenomenal bliss. One of my assignments in college was to write about a motivating and impactful mentor, and for many reasons, I chose Gabriel. Through online research, I found that he had very strong and detailed paintings that reminded me of my upbringing and other historical events. I realized that he was able to capture the emotions of the time, the detail in each facial expression and the realism with every article of clothing, even down to individual blades of grass. I quickly learned that his paintings made you feel like you were operating the camera, moving the actors and objects to capture the perfect shot. His paintings make you feel as though you could touch and feel the texture of the objects and could sense the temperature of the environment. Though my online research made me feel like I knew him, my personal experience as his Apprentice was much more to write home about. For starters, his discipline and passion were moving. He starts his morning as the sun rises, with a cup of coffee and his painting ready for another day of milestones. He teaches with intricate detail, yet gentle and informal direction. He explains the how and why behind every stroke of his paintbrush. He's proficient with building your confidence, while giving constructive criticism to help one grow as an artist. Art aside, I look up to him as a role-model and friend because he exudes kindness. He always makes me laugh, wasn't shy or prideful to shed a tear with me over personal experiences and memories, and his soft-spoken way made me feel as though I was already home.
Rahannah Abbott Buckeye, Arizona
Esther Moreno Ahwatukee, Arizona
Esther’s daughter photoshoot - October 30, 2021 - Testimonial coming soon